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B E G I N N I N G   T H E   P R O C E S S


Thank you for your interest!


We would like to explain the process so you know what to expect. Please keep in mind that every job is different and the process may vary.​

  1. First, do your research, find photos of what you would like for us to quote before you call; this helps us narrow down the process. Sites like Pinterest or Houzz are the best and full of information.

  2. ​We will need you to send us a few photos of your stairs or proposed project area taken from top-down to bottom-up and side views as this helps us evaluate your project. They can be sent to us by text or email.

  3. After receipt of your photos we will schedule a design and measure meeting please allow at least one hour for our meeting.

  4. During the design meeting we evaluate the work that needs to be performed, take measurements and offer design choices using our "Stair Artist Designer Tool", located on our front page in the stair gallery or you can create, save, print or email a design yourselves. The next step is to take measurements and additional photos. 

  5. Please allow between 7-10 days for us to compile your estimate, you will be contacted shortly after receipt for a friendly one time follow up.

  6. After the estimate has been approved, we will provide you with a detailed contract of your project for your approval.

  7. Please be advised that our normal schedule runs any where between 1-3 three months out so please put that into your time line pending any other remodeling that you plan on having performed due to the limited use of your staircase during it's remodel, please ask us more about accessing the stairs during it's remodel.

  8. We will need to set up cutting equipment and fabricating tables in the garage bay nearest the front door.

  9. Our equipment is set-up with hepa filtered dust extraction equipment to help control a large amount of dust. Additional protection includes adding floor protection around the stair area and traveled areas from the cutting area to the stairs. Dust curtains are used in the cutting and fabricating area.

  10. We will clean our working area on a daily basis until the project is completed.

  11. When the project is completed we will discuss the maintenance and other questions you may have.

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