I Had the pleasure recently to greet this awesome couple from Anchorage Alaska that presented me with this wood block that contains my signature along with a short note they recently found while remodeling their home dated, January 18 1983 while on vacation in the area. I had always signed my work and they were able to locate me through the internet and my best years was in Alaska. **Thank You**

This is our stair makeover detail of the backside of the mitered tread returns showing the details of the nosing and cove return.

This is the detailed view of the mitered riser into the stair skirting also I have mitered in the returns on the maple treads.

Just finished up with our handrail makeover project all that is left is for the homeowner to apply the finish.

"He was that guy" My world didn’t stop, the saw did. Over the last 48 years on my journey to master woodworker, I’ve learned carpentry, cabinetmaking, and furniture restoration along with guitar and violin making. Currently, I work in a commercial wood shop at Gerstner and Sons, in Dayton, Ohio. Looking back, I can remember working on at least 21 different power saws. I’ve seen accidents happen—and I know how to avoid them—but I’ve always been respectful and have never said it couldn’t happen to me; I knew that it could. I was always careful—until the one moment I wasn’t. I was at work. The cut was moderately difficult, but nothing I hadn’t done before. There was no kickback; I had control. Suddenly, there was a loud pop and everythin...

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Improve Moldings and Increase Referrals By :Gary Katz, Back in the mid-1980s, my brother and I were growing tired of installing 1 1/2-in. clamshell casing, and 2 1/2-in. streamline baseboard. As finish contractors, that’s all we did on every job, day after day (after we had installed the doors and windows). By then we’d nailed off miles of small trim in thousands of apartments and hundreds of single-family homes. The market was starting to soften up about that time, and one of the contractors we worked for needed an edge against other spec builders in the same subdivision. We suggested upgrading the moldings in one of his homes. Not the whole house, mind you, only the first floor. We told him we’d do it for our cost, just to prove a po...

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Just picked up the new Festool CT Sys vac and love it portability and power at it's best combined with the 8 1/2" Bosch sliding compound saw and the Bosch saw stand and topped off with Forrest chopmaster blade.

We just finished up a handrail extension on a remodel matching the existing to the new is always challenging this rail system was pre aged to match the maple aged existing not to include pre aging the hemlock casing to match the existing. The home owners were great to work with and we even received a tip after completion!

Working with rustic barn wood is both challenging and rewarding we selected a 150 year old barn beam that came from southern Oregon that was hand hewed and mortised and pegged and placed it between two columns built from the siding from the same barn with bullet holes and hand carvings to create a 12'ft long rustic beam mantle along with craftsman crown molding new french doors, and picture molding to create a rustic effect for a client.

Just finished building and installing a craftsman mantle on my project now it's the painters turn to make it beautiful.